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Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a procedure to remove the lens of your eye and, in most cases, replace it with an artificial lens. Cataract surgery is used to treat the clouding of the normally clear lens of your eye.
We perform cataract surgery on an outpatient basis, which means you don't have to stay in the hospital after the surgery.  Cataract surgery is very common and is generally a safe procedure.  We will thoroughly take you through all of your options, the risks and benefits and aftercare.
We will work together to decide which type of IOL is best suited for your needs.  The characteristics of your eyes certainly play a critical role in lens selection. It is also important to consider your lifestyle, and the role vision plays in the activities you enjoy.
Cataract Removal
After making a small incision in your eye, we will insert a probe to break up and remove the cloudy, cataract affected lens.
Lens Insertion
The flexible IOL is folded up and inserted into the lens capsule, at which point it opens,and its haptics, or “arms,” unfold to keep it in the proper position.
Vision Restored
With the cataract removed, and the IOL in place, light can once again travel unimpeded to the back of your eye, for clearer, more youthful vision.
The FDA-approved LenSx laser system is the newest major advancement in cataract surgery. It uses the same technology used during LASIK procedures. It gives our surgeons image-guided control and the ability to plan and customize every procedure. This is important as every patient has unique characteristics to their eyes. The advanced laser creates extremely precise incisions and breaks up the cataract for easier removal; it also has the ability to correct astigmatism