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Glaucoma Surgery

Techonology has played an important role in eye care.  Dr. Wasserstom and Dr. Rice offer the very latest in the state of the art treatment options for glaucoma.  Both surgeons are experienced and proficient in the following surgeries and together you will choose the right option for your individual care:
Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)
SLT uses an advanced laser system to target specific cells on the eye.  By only targeting the cells with pigement/melanin, we are able to affect only the part of the iris affected leaving the surrounding tissue intact  SLT uses laser light to stimulate your own body's healing response to lower your eye pressure by improving the low of fluid to your eye.  San Diego Eye Associates is very profecient in this safe and effective procedure.
iSTENT is the worlds smallest medical implant.  If you have mild-to-moderate glaucoma, your vision may not yet be affected.  Without treament the pressure in your eye can increase, casuing irreparable damage.  The iSTENT is designed to improve your eyes ability to drain fluid by assisting with the aqueous outflow to safely lower your eye pressure.  The iSTENT creates a permanent opening through the blockage much the way stents are used to prevent heart attaches and strokes.  Since Glaucoma treatment is lifelong, the iSTENT offers a more convenient and cost effective alternative to daily eyedrops.
Canaloplasty is a highly effective surgical technique for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma. Minimally invasive, it uses breakthrough microcatheter technology to restore the function of the eye’s natural outflow system.  Canaloplasty can be offered earlier in the disease process and also be used in conjunction with drug based glaucoma treatments, after laser or other types of incisional surgery.
During trabeculectomy—sometimes also called filtration surgery—a piece of tissue in the drainage angle of the eye is removed to create an opening. The opening is partially covered with a flap of tissue from the sclera, the white part of the eye, and the conjunctiva, the clear thin covering over the sclera. This new opening allows fluid (aqueous humor) to drain out of the eye, bypassing the clogged drainage channels of the trabecular meshwork.
Ex-PRESS Mini Glaucoma Shunt
The Ex-PRESS ™ Mini Glaucoma Shunt is implanted under a scleral flap to provide a simplified method of filtration surgery for patients with open angle glaucoma. The shunt reduces the intraocular pressure by diverting the aqueous humor from the anterior chamber to the sub conjunctival space. 
Ahmed Shunt
The Ahmed™ Glaucoma Valve is the most commonly used type of shunt. The “valve” function refers to its ability to limit the flow of eye fluid in one direction, with a theoretical limit to how low the eye pressure can drop. Often supplemental glaucoma medications (eye drops) are still required after placement of an Ahmed valve.